Roles and Responsibilities

 Roles and Responsibilities at WOFAD

Executive Director

 The Executive Director is responsible for the overall management of WOFAD ensuring that its vision and mission is achieved.  This includes reporting to the Board of Directors.  She manages all employees of the organization and interacts with Donors, Members and other key stakeholders.

Responsibilities and duties include:

Oversees the effective management of WOFAD’s day-to-day operations by:

  • Reporting  to Board of Trustees and stakeholders
  • Review budgets and financial reports as prepared by the Finance and Administrative Officer.
  • Reviews project reports and plans as prepared by the Project Coordinator
  • Reviews or signs external communications
  • Supervises and manages WOFAD  employees or volunteers
  • Conducts employee performance evaluations of the management team
  • Leads capacity building and training sessions

Oversees the donor applications and reporting by

  • Participating in proposal writing
  • Review and finalize all donor applications
  • Monitoring and evaluation of projects

Represents WOFAD in the broader community by

  • Developing partnership and networking with other stakeholders such as other NGOs, government, civil societies, others
  • Acts as the representative of WOFAD, interacting with visitors, consultants, donors and partners
  • Building the membership base – home based care and income generating activities – working out in the community.
  • Leads group therapy sessions
Executive Director, Linnah Matanya

Executive Director, Linnah Matanya



Program Coordinator

Reporting to the Executive Director, the Program Coordinator is responsible for the identification and overall execution of programs undertaken by WOFAD as approved by the Board and in alignment with the overall strategic plan of WOFAD.

Responsibilities and duties include:

Oversees the effective management and execution of either Donor or self-funded projects undertaken by WOFAD ensuring project objectives are met by:

  • Planning projects including a budget encompassing resources required to complete the project (people, dollars and activities)
  • Coordinating project activities including resource mobilization
  • Monitoring and documentingprogress of projects
  • Supervising, monitoring, coaching and evaluating Field Officers
  • Providing on-the- job training to community volunteers
  • Completing project reporting, includes financial reporting, required by Donors or the Board of Trustees
  • Preparing requests and grantsamendments, as required.

Works to identify new projects and identifying possible donors by:

  • Conducting needs assessments to identify new programs
  • Networking with other NGOs and CBOs to identify new proposal opportunities
  • Completing funding / grant applications with various donors
The Program Officer of WOFAD in front of the mini-bus decorated with posters and stickers for the campaign.

Program Officer, Chrispin Kasiya


Finance and Administration Officer

 Reporting to the Executive Director, the Finance and Administrative Officer is primarily responsible for the timely production of accurate WOFAD financial information.  As a secondary responsibility they assist with execution of office administrative tasks.

Responsibilities and duties include:

Oversees the financial record-keeping and reporting of WOFAD ensuring accurate, complete and timely financial information is available by:

  • Documents the receiving of cash and cheques from members, donors or others
  • Prepares bank deposits
  • Preparing payments and disbursements on purchases of goods or services
  • Recording all transaction in the books of account
  • Managing petty cash
  • Preparing monthly bank reconciliations
  • Providingfinancial reports on a monthly basis
  • Preparing Donor accounting reports
  • Preparing any financial information required by Board

Completes administrative duties of WOFAD supporting the on-going operations of the organization by:

  • Filing of grant agreements
  • Filing accounting documents, records and reports
  • Assisting in the maintenance of files related to WOFAD correspondence or meetings, including Board meetings
  • Preparing correspondence on behalf of the Executive Director
  • Distributing mail
  • Organizing and scheduling of meetings
  • Other administrative duties as required



Financial Officer, Ruthie Mpando

Financial Officer, Ruthie Mpando