Community Action To Combat HIV and AIDS (CATCH) Project

Project purpose

•To improve community capacity response to HIV and AIDS in TA Kunthembwe and Machinjiri through trainings and provision of technical support.

Specific Objectives

1.To reduce sexual transmission of HIV and AIDS among women and youth in TA Machinjiri and Kunthembwe.

2.To improve the quality of live for PLHIV, OVC and other households affected by HIV and AIDS in TA Machinjiri and Kunthembwe.

3.To increase access of PLHIV and OVCs to improved service delivery.
Project outputs
•The project has built the capacity of 172 community members against the projected  210 people.
•60 Actors trained in Theatre for Development.
•30 women trained in Home Based Care(from T/A Machinjiri and Kunthembwe respectively.
•5 HBC Kits procured and distributed to target HBCs.
•42 young people trained in Life Skills.
•20 people trained in CBDA -17 from T/A Kunthembwe and 13 from T/A Machinjiri.
•20 Opinion Leaders trained in Behavior Change and Communication skills.
•10 Interactive sessions in Know your HIV status, PMTCT, Gender and Mutual faithfulness with mobile HTC performed.
•Bi-Annual review meeting conducted.
•3 Monitoring visits conducted.
•Monthly reports submitted to DAC and NAC.
•1 P/A System procured.
•12, 207 condoms distributed (with only 35 female condoms distributed).

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