Past Programs at WOFAD

Past Programs at WOFAD

  • Community Action to Combat HIV and AIDS (CATCH) (2012): WOFAD was funded by the National AIDS Commission (NAC) to implement their CATCH project. WOFAD conducted trainings on condom use, Home Based Care, life skills, drama and theatre for change and behavior change and communication.
  • Advocacy for Alternative Anti-Retroviral Drugs (2010): This advocacy effort was funded by the Urgent Action Fund (UAF) and implemented in partnership with various NGOs, doctors from government and private hospitals and other stakeholders. It was aimed at lobbying the Government of Malawi, through the Ministry of Health, to replace the T40 and T30 drugs with ARVs that would have fewer negative side-effects. The advocacy efforts prove successful as the alternative ARVS are now being distributed by health facilities.
  • Timber Selling Initiative for Women Economic Empowerment (2010): This was an initiative funded by the U.S. Embassy. A total of 20 women were trained in business management. Following this training, a woman who had been trained was paired with another woman who had not been trained. The pair would go together to the tree plantation in Chikangawa to buy timber to sell – the trained woman training the untrained woman in the process. At the end of the year, the 40 women divided the profits to be used as capital for their own businesses.
  • Trainings in Positive Living and the Memory Book (2009): The World Bank trained 20 women on how to live positively with HIV and AIDS. Under this project, women also worked together to develop ‘Memory Books’. In these books, women included writings and photos that would illustrate their life experiences and could be passed on to their family and children. WOFAD also published a magazine edition on positive living and the Memory Book.
  • HIV and AIDS Care and Support (2008): WOFAD implemented the HIV and AIDS Care and Support project with funds from NAC. The project’s aim was to provide psychosocial support to the community. Ten women were trained in Home Based Care, equipped with skills to care for the sick in the community and prevent disease transmission. Another group of ten women were trained on Positive Living. The project further conducted HIV/AIDS awareness campaigns to encourage the communities to go for Voluntary Testing and Counseling.
Training for female condom use.

Training for female condom use.


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