Awareness and Lobbying for Traditional and Religious Leaders on SRHR and Harmful Practices

From July 25th-26th,  WOFAD conducted two awareness and lobbying meetings with 40 traditional and religious leaders from T/A Kuntaja, Kunthembwe and Machinjiri. These meetings created a forum to raise awareness among key duty bearers about the sexual and reproductive health rights (SRHR) of women living with HIV and AIDS (WLHIV). Moreover, WOFAD used the meeting to address the need to stop harmful cultural and religious practices that violate the SRHR of community members.

At the end of these meetings, brochures and booklets of translated Chichewa laws and policies were provided to the leaders to further distribute them to community members. At the end of the meetings, all the leaders committed to promoting and protecting the SRHR of WLHIV in their respective communities. Furthermore, this meeting allowed WOFAD to discuss with the leaders how to move forward in the project and to secure their role as partners in this initiative.



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