SRHR and Advocacy Training for WOFAD Staff and Volunteers

From 29th-30th April 2013, 9 WOFAD staff and volunteers completed a training program on Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR) and Advocacy to develop their capacity to effectively raise awareness, deliver training, provide support and carry out advocacy on SRHR issues with women living with HIV and AIDS. The training was held at Mkango Lodge and facilitated by the SRHR Technical Advisers Believe Dhliwayo from the Coalition of Women Living with HIV and AIDS and Kristina Hunter from WOFAD.

Please find the report for the training, including WOFAD’s  Action Plan and Position Paper for advocacy initiatives in the coming year. WOFAD SRHR Training Report


Linnah Matanya, WOFAD’s Executive Director discussing SRHR issues


Chrispine Kasiya explaining his group’s findings following a Political Economy Analysis


Kristina Hunter explaining key laws and policies relevant to SRHR


Jacob Mapemba reviewing key SRHR concepts on Day 2 of training


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